Pre-Conference Workshop Day
Monday, October 4

12:50 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

Improving Design Visualization & Communication

1:00 pm Mapping Out How to Use Computation & Visualization to Increase Client Engagement & Satisfaction with Your Design Process


• Learning to establish shared expectations with your client early: what level of engagement and involvement do they want to have?
• Appreciating how to communicate design options and their implications to clients with a variety of technical and architectural understanding
• Making strong communication and client engagement part of your firm’s culture and expectations

2:00 pm Developing Interactive Dashboards for Clients to Provide Them with Clear Data to Make Design Choices


• Understanding what data clients want and how they prefer for it to be displayed and made available
• Ensuring data communicated is accurate and easily understood to ensure client confidence, and ensuring designs genuinely meet their need
• Hearing how dashboards are developed and kept up to date through automation and robust data management

3:00 pm Afternoon Refreshments

3:30 pm Exploring the Latest in Virtual Reality to Enable Understanding of Multiple Design Variations & Improve Choices


• Hearing how the latest tools can enable remote access to high quality design files, widening the application of VR
• Improving client engagement by providing them a VR experience: how to enable this in a way that genuinely improved understanding and design influence?
• Optimizing the integration of VR in internal design processes: how do you ensure the technology is adding value, and not just a marketing tool?

4:30 pm Audience Discussion: Design Visualization & Communication

5:00 pm End of Workshop