Pre-Conference Focus Day
Tuesday, February 21

12:00 pm Registration & Networking

12:50 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

1:00 pm Understanding the Evolution of Client Expectations to Offer Superior Value


  • Discussing the importance of educating clients on computational design tools and the additional value they can offer
  • How do you manage a situation in which the client imposes software data requirements that are outside of your skillset?
  • Developing methods in which you can engage the client during the design stage in the redefined context of computation

1:45 pm Addressing Commercial Implications to Account for New Technology Adoption

  • Erik Narhi Computational Design Lead, Buro Happold


  • Understanding how to redefine your brand position and brand value after the adoption of new computation tools
  •  Finding the right balance between using computation to speed up processes while not losing a boutique ability to make customer tailored designs
  • How does this reflect on your fee structures and how do you negotiate with your client?

2:30 pm Refreshment Break

3:00 pm Case Study: Leveraging AR/VR Type Technologies to Enhance Customer Experience

  • Tsukasa Ishizawa Group Leader, Computational Design Group, Takenaka Corporation


  • Building the case for the usability of AR/VR technologies within the AEC industry
  • Discussing the client goals and practical benefits that AR/VR technologies help towards achieving
  • The Metaverse: How can it improve communication channels through VR exploration of projects during stakeholder meetings?

3:45 pm Audience Discussion: Exploring Different Types of Clients & Strategies to Manage Client Relationships


This audience discussion will give you the opportunity to share experiences with your peers and reflect on the focus day’s sessions.

  • Evaluating the current level of computational design knowledge clients benefit from and how you go about familiarizing customers with new practices
  • Understanding what resonates most with your client and how to leverage that in order to secure buy-in
  • Brainstorming ways in which AR/VR technologies can create customer value and the immediate steps that should be taken towards their integration

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Focus Day