Pre-Conference Focus Day

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

1:00 pm Registration & Networking

1:50 pm Chair’s Opening Remarks

2:00 pm Case Study: Developing Automated Workflows & Programming to Boost Design Productivity


• Understanding the factors favoring AI-based automation versus logic-based automation  for tasks to determine the best approach for your use case 

• Building the foundational dataset and connecting scripts to open APIs to prepare  effectively for automation 

• Discussing the challenges of building clear parameters that produce quality outcomes  when it comes to AI and the manual control we need to maintain over certain tasks

• Taking lessons learned from early development efforts to expand the success with which  we apply AI as a digital design group

2:40 pm Building a Foundation of Organized Data to Successfully Implement AI in Your Firm

  • Sri Vemuri Associate Vice President, HGA Architects & Engineers


• Discussing the challenges of inconsistent data structures and formats in training machine learning models

• Evaluating the limitations of running AI on disorganized data sets: How can you make sure that you are getting reliable outcomes? 

• Exploring potential collaboration of design firms with AEC start-ups and software companies to assist in application of AI

• Developing guidelines for data collection, storage, and utilization, emphasizing responsible AI practices

3:30 pm Afternoon Refreshments

4:00 pm Panel: Exploring the Opportunities to Further Maximize the ROI of AI & Machine Learning with Computational Endeavors


• Discovering the potential of AI tools that allow customization of generated designs, enabling fine-tuning of specific project details

• Evaluating how the tools available on the market are evolving and what this is going to mean for the capabilities of AI in the near future 

• Discussing the potential for the application of machine learning to help accelerate automation and simulation capabilities

4:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

5:00 pm End of Pre-Conference Focus Day