July 2019

New York

About Event

The launch of Advancing Computational Building Design in 2017 was extremely well received, praised for providing a unique space for industry leaders, architects and engineers to share their experiences and strategies for the practical adoption of computational design.

This year the conference returned with new ground-breaking insight from over twenty senior industry professionals. The content was created based on research with top design and construction firms to answer all your questions on successfully implementing computation in your day-to-day work.

The 2018 workshops, interactive sessions and case studies focused on:

  • Sharing strategies for gaining buy-in and developing skillsets to promote and implement a computational team within your company.
  • Leveraging cutting edge applications in design optimization and task automation, providing practical solutions to take back to the office.
  • Exploring the role of computation in data management solutions and machine learning to drive efficiency in design and fabrication processes.
  • Understanding the gains of collaborating with architects and engineers to share tools and incorporate workflows to increase productivity and efficacy.

It is essential for us to craft an environment of honest and open discussion, which is why we pride ourselves on being un-biased and vendor-neutral. This event will provided an exclusive opportunity for you to connect with your peers and share important insights from the meeting through networking sessions that enrich your learning.

Whether you are in early research stages or progressing ahead with your implementation of computational design in your office, this meeting provided valuable strategies and solutions for advancing to the next level

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