Train Staff, Gain Buy-In & Create a

Pro-Computation Culture on Your Projects

August 28-30, 2017

San Francisco

About Event

Hanson Wade is the host of several annual Advancing Construction events covering topics such as estimation, collaboration, prefabrication, project controls and job site technology.

We’re proud to be a completely unbiased, vendor-agnostic provider of events. That’s all we do. As we don’t have the distraction of simultaneously pushing a software or consulting service, we can focus on delivering high-quality, targeted content.

The idea for Advancing Computational Building Design 2017 sparked from conversations with designers attending these events, who mentioned that the integration of computation was a complex problem they were struggling to solve.

Our next step was then to conduct in-depth research with 30 leading architecture and construction firms to understand their challenges – their insights formed the basis of our event agenda. Several more weeks of research and collaboration with the industry then went into developing the speaker faculty and the final agenda.